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Preparing for the Tourney


Preparations for the battle to come, the overboard gang will enter into the Wizards Tournament on January 1st, 2014.

I have really enjoyed making the comic, but there are many reasons why I have to put it the comic on hold for now. Taking a season off on Over Board sucks, but it’s got to be done. With todays comic I’ve whipped up 190 strips, and I have come along way. I’m very excited to continue to cover board game stuff, but I won’t be nearly able to maintain any sort of schedule.

Thank you for reading, check back for updates, and Going OVerBoard will resume in 2014!


In the Dojo of Rabi Ezra

Designer Spotlight: Mark

Our next designer for tomorrow’s Brookline Prototype Event is Mark!

Mark Corsey lives and works in Nashua, New Hampshire. When he is not developing his own games he spends a fair amount of time playing other people’s—some of which, he grudgingly admits, are pretty good.

Mark’s “Game of 49” combines classic connect-the-dots abstract strategy—claim four board spaces in a row—with the all-American game changer: money. Rather than capture spaces, players buy them on the open market. And the price of victory is whatever your neighbor is willing to pay—plus a dollar.

Designer Spotlight: Michael

Our next Designer is Michael
Michael Bujtas is a game designer and writer responsible for conceptualizing and funding Masquerade. He’s a recent graduate from Champlain College where he received a BS in Game Design from one of the oldest gaming programs in the United States. He loves nothing more than a good story with memorable characters. But that love is dwarfed by his obsession with peanut butter.

His featured game, Masquerade, is a simple game that uses a 61 card deck to tell a story of murder and deception. A single King card is in the deck, and players must be the ones to assassinate if they wish to be the victor. Along the way they must battle each other with the other 60 cards, each representing a unique character in the world. Since no one knows who has the King, it’s impossible to tell friend from foe.

Masquerade was funded on Kickstarter for $5000 in January 2013. It also features a full 300 page novel that explores the motives of the characters in the game. More details can be found on the main website (

Designer Spotlight: Daryl

Meet our next designer for the Brookline Prototype Event: Daryl

Daryl pursues game design as a hobby. While it is something he does for fun, he takes gaming and game design very seriously. When he is not designing games he is working to understand the mind. He is currently a post-doctoral researcher at Harvard studying vision and cognition.

He’s bringing his game, Dungeon Merchants.

The dungeon of Davendor is a dangerous place, yet adventurers come to the dungeon, drawn by the riches within. This story is not about these brave adventurers, this is a story about the unsung heroes of dungeon crawlers—the merchants that take up shop and offer their goods to weary travelers. Dungeon Merchants is a deck building game where dungeon crawling meets capitalism. Players will forge powerful items, recruit brave adventurers, and sell treasure for profits as they attempt to become the richest merchant in the land.

Designer Spotlight: Justin

Our next designer is Justin.

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Justin has been living in Cambridge for the last six years and is a recent Harvard graduate. A writer by trade, Justin’s day-job keeps him writing letters while he spends his nights writing screenplays (soon-to-be credited), crafting fantasy novels (soon-to-be published), and designing board games. Justin is the founder of Broomstick Monkey Games (the public face for his game design ambitions) and Royal Strawberries is his first commercial game.

Royal Strawberries will be joining us at the Brookline Event.

Royal Strawberries is a whimsical game of tactics and strategy in which players control teams of fairy-tale characters fighting for the fabled fruit of Feorhyrna. As players navigate their 8 characters through the imperial garden maze, they must balance gathering strawberries against fending off the attacks of their opponents. When the last strawberry is plucked, the player with the most points (from strawberries and other bonuses) is declared Emperor of Feorhyrna.

Designer Spotlight: Aerjen

Lets introduce some of the designers you’ll be meeting at the Brookline Prototype Event.

First is Aerjen.

Aerjen has a background in psychology and works as a User Experience Designer for startups. When he’s not figuring out how people work in terms of design, he’s figuring out how people work in terms of game design. He is also co-organizer for the Cambridge Prototype Meetup, and coordinator for the Board Game Showcase at the upcoming Boston Festival of Indie Games.

He’s bringing his game Hatch, to the Brookline Event.

Hatch is a game where you hatch monsters and send them to the arena for a spectacular death! Why? Because the crowds will love you! So you buy as much eggs as you can at the auction and put them in your incubator. After a while, you’ll have a menagerie filled with critters ready for bloodshed. If you buy smart, fight dirty and are willing to sacrifice your beloved monsters, you may end up being the most famous monsterlord in history.

You can find Aerjen at: