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Gene Bordstein:
EuroGamer and amateur board game designer, Gene loves nothing more than pushing cubes around the table. He frequently clashes with his old college roommate Nick over whether there are any Ameritrash games worth playing. Though he has branched out considerably as the board game industry has grown. Despite playing Eurogames since he was a kid with his family, he still falls prey to making a cool move over a game winning move. He is a recovering “Wizards: The Magic-ing” player, ranked regionally, he was dethroned five years ago, and has not returned to the game since. He also had a magic talking table, but destroyed it because it brought up suppressed memories that he appears to want to forget.

His favorite board game is Puerto Rico, and he usually tries and fails to enact a Factory Strategy.


Ayshea Pasur:
The latest addition to the group of gamers, Ayshea is new to board games, but is a notorious card shark. She has a quick temper and a penchant for heavy metal. A DJ for Boardsvilles only club, Ayshea has ties to the local music scene, including the game-core group MEEPLEHEAD.

Nick Patole


James Fitchneal

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