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Why the Comic is On Hiatus

August 31, 2013

Hey folks,
So I’ve been kind of vague about the variety of projects I’m working on that necessitates the OverBoard Hiatus. I thought I’d describe each one and give you a glimpse into the madness.

-Sky Pirates: I’ve been designing a game to be published by Game Salute called Sky Pirates. Semi-cooperative region control with resource management. Play testers have been calling it “Eclipse in 45 minutes”. I’m on a final push with play testing to move the game from development into production.

-Knight Moves Board Game Cafe: A friend of mine has signed a lease to open a board game cafe in Boston. He’s asked me to spearhead some of the Internet marketing on top of helping work out the store opening.

-Boston Prototype Showcase: The Brookline Prototype Event went so well that I’m working towards making that a regular occurrence, complete with social media presence and etc. Something along the lines of an Unpub Festival.

-How to Play _________: I have a few long form comic ideas that I’ve wanted to put together for a while, but they don’t fit into a weekly format, they’re very much a done when it gets done sort of project. You will see those pop up here, don’t think you’ve completely gotten out of reading board game comics.

-OverBoard: 3D Printed Board Game Components: I’ve been put in charge of a 3D printer and I am building a business around it. A selection of geeky board game pieces and board game variants to go alongside them. Also a selection of Board Game accessories.

So yeah that plus a regular job makes for a very busy schedule, and the comic was suffering as a result. I should be able to wrap up a few of these projects by the end of the year and bring the comics into full splendor by the new year. Looking forward to resuming OverBoard on 1/1/14.


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