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Designer Spotlight: Daryl

August 10, 2013

Meet our next designer for the Brookline Prototype Event: Daryl

Daryl pursues game design as a hobby. While it is something he does for fun, he takes gaming and game design very seriously. When he is not designing games he is working to understand the mind. He is currently a post-doctoral researcher at Harvard studying vision and cognition.

He’s bringing his game, Dungeon Merchants.

The dungeon of Davendor is a dangerous place, yet adventurers come to the dungeon, drawn by the riches within. This story is not about these brave adventurers, this is a story about the unsung heroes of dungeon crawlers—the merchants that take up shop and offer their goods to weary travelers. Dungeon Merchants is a deck building game where dungeon crawling meets capitalism. Players will forge powerful items, recruit brave adventurers, and sell treasure for profits as they attempt to become the richest merchant in the land.


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