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Summoning Sickness

June 20, 2013

I played a good deal of Magic the Gathering through Middle School ( A game somewhat similar to Wizards: The Magicking ), and there was a spread of time where I went from ‘playing a card game with my friends’ to ‘losing a card game to my friends’. There is something magical about building the perfect deck out of cards you pull from booster packs and then trade with your friends. It has a realness and a currency beyond oter games.Because of that, of course, kids get invested, and find ways to game the system. The game is very different if you’re playing with a deck you built yourself out of booster packs or if you found a cardlist online for a powerful deck and then proceeded to buy every card for that deck online. As a kid, you cry foul if you’re the one with the ragtag deck that always loses. But I see now that they are almost two seperate games entirely.Draft pick games vs Tournament Games kind of exemplify that difference, and there are pro’s and con’s to each.


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