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100 Board Game Ideas in Tweets

June 17, 2013

Looking for a Board Game Idea? Here they are, some good, some bad, mostly bad, the results of Board Game Idea Monday on Twitter. These are just to get the old brain cogs a turning. Feel free to participate in the mania on twitter with the hash-tag #BGIMon.

  1. A resource management game with timers, the faster you make your decision, the better your bonuses will be.
  2. Speed vs. success could work in a lot of settings. A dice/action point system is probably easy. Spend 2 actions roll at a bonus
  3. Late for Everything. Players are late, balance speed with success. Roll for pants, carefully? or quickly? Oops you destroy the pants
  4. A coop game with 6 sand timers, only certain actions can occur when a particular timer runs out. Keep the doom timer from the end
  5. Chip bridging. Connect potato chips to form Galaxy Trucker style ships, different dips correspond to different abilities.
  6. Bid on or place colored sugar cubes onto a cream brulee to create a contiguous line across the surface. Blowtorch special action.
  7. Using a cake as a modular board, and you move piece of cake if you control it with your M&M’s. Attack opponents, eat their cake
  8. A Cake Mana Draw One Play One Mechanic. To play the card you spend tokens that influence the size of cake you get to have.
  9. Cake Jenga. A Tall 10 layer cake, and you use a special knife to cut out uniform sections of cake to eat.Cake falls? Pass it.
  10. A Skittles dexterity game involving flicking. Colors confer Special abilities, print side flip side record hp? Also more abilities
  11. Not in today’s theme, but Illegible Mail Center would make a great party game
  12. Hehe mathworld! An RPG where all the quest givers are the super weird people from math problems.
  13. Monaco would make a pretty straight forward transition into a board game. Little changes.
  14. A WWF card game, where the goal is fame. Balance winning matches with pleasing the audience (theme song, minions, dance moves, etc).
  15. A Dating Card Game where move efficiency towards victory (sucessful relationhip) changes in a predetermined way.
  16. A Social Issue Game, where you play a social issue towards certain goals. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.
  17. A mechanic where elements of the rule are slowly reveal as you go, some things change and you always have a “direction”
  18. A Literary Brawling Game in the style of Wiz War, but with famous literary characters / authors. Mark Twain vs Scarlet Pimpernel
  19. A Literary Brawling Game in the style of Wiz War, but with famous literary characters / authors. Mark Twain vs Scarlet Pimpernel
  20. A Vegas themed deck building game, where you use your winnings to build the best poker hands, loaded dice, etc.
  21. An Role Playing game where you play a group of role players. Leveling up your ability to play the game and interact with people.
  22. A EuroStrategy Party Game. You manage a resource pile of humor to play joke cards and generate laughs.
  23. Also, it’s Board Game Idea Monday! Today is going to be a broad one. Disruption of Expectations. A game that surprises.
  24. I feel like I’ve shoehorned this idea into other themes. Players are working on a movie, one of them is a murderer.
  25. A Film Set RPG, that’d be pretty interesting. Multiclass Sound Engineer and Production Assistant. Replace DM with crisis deck.
  26. An Oscar’s Card Game where each player plays actors/actresses trying to create the biggest upset in multiple arenas.
  27. A film pitch reverse taboo game. It gives you the concept and you have to pitch it. You get points for using certain hidden words
  28. A Balderdash Style Game for archaic movie plots. Actually, that probably has to exist at this point right?
  29. From ‏@gemsile123 Different production member roles, co-op to “finish the film”, with secret goals for elements. i.e. tropes, actors, period costumes
  30. A movie theater seating game, trying to optimally place groups and types of patrons ala Mayfair’s Zen Garden’s Mechanic.
  31. A too many directors game, where each player is trying to get actors to have a combination of emotions. Secret card placement.
  32. A film critic game. Given a movie on a card, and secret audience card. Give it a review and balance your credibility and likability.
  33. Camera Elves. Players control elves inside an old Bolex camera, fighting off exposure goblins and film tearing imps.
  34. A Film Set Board Game, similar in style to BSG and Shadows over Camelot, moving people in right places to deal with criisis.
  35. A Fashionista Board Game, where players build stats for starlets in dresses, and then do battle on the red carpet. Like with fists.
  36. I have to imagine there is already a wedding planning board/card game out there, but if there isn’t there should be.
  37. A Board Game of Passive Aggressive Lovers. Manipulating events based on Scar Objectives. Hide the toothbrush!
  38. A relationship board game where you have to keep secrets from your partner as you play the game.
  39. Man a Romantic Comedy Board Game would be hilarious. So many systems and tropes that would work in a game, or even a fiasco-like RPG
  40. A RomCom Board Game, players play the friends of a unlikely pair, and help them get together through wacky hijinks. But also goals
  41. .Party Game. Play two cards with words on them, then players get their chance to explain. My love is like a gassy platypus it . . .
  42. Wingman Game. At least 4 players. 2 Wingmen pump up the Date against the judge, but also score for making themselves look good.
  43. Perfect Date. A 1 vs. All Board Game. One player tries to go on the perfect date, other players try and ruin it. Cards, workers, etc
  44. A bidding party game. Play a card with a thing on it, players secretly play points on it based on their love for it. Then bidding.
  45. A co-op game where players attempt to penetrate a fortress of self loathing with love and acceptance . . . with a traitor of course.
  46. A board game where players pursue a variety of love interests, placing resources on various possible secret goals.
  47. Also it’s Board Game Idea Monday! I may have missed Valentine’s Day but that’s alright, today’s theme is love/hate.
  48. A game where you play kindergarten teachers on a field trip across an icy sidewalk with a dozen chaotic children. Don’t trip.
  49. A card game where one player is trying to prevent his house from collapsing, which the other player plays the crushing force of snow
  50. Oh man, #ChineseRobotRestaurant is a thing. That’d make an awesome “John Henry” style board game. Man vs Machine.
  51. A snow tunneling game, where players influence the quality of the snow and strength of tunnel. Objectives, cave-ins, snowballs.
  52. A winter board game where one player places piles of snow and other players control a city attempting to stay afloat.
  53. Board Game Idea Monday! I think there is plenty of room for Snow Based Board Games, don’t you?
  54. A photo based deduction game, many cards of a specific location, one player selects a crime, the other players deduce from photos
  55. A technology game, where you have to manage populations of people that have to adapt to shifting industries.
  56. I would love to see a game that illuminates some of the modern terrible bussiness practices, complete monopoly’s original goal
  57. A White Collar Crime game after the movie “Catch Me if You Can”, but players have the option to switch sides and mitigate scrupples.
  58. A White Collar Crime game after the movie “Catch Me if You Can”, but players have the option to switch sides and mitigate scrupples.
  59. A betting game. You have to bet on what bets you think the other players will bet on in addition to other bets. Gambling Nightmare
  60. A party platter card game, where players try to mix and match foods to bring the best spread to the table.
  61. A board game playtesting card game. A card game where you play designers playtesting a board game. Manage concentration/ players. .
  62. An event management board game where players have to deal with crisis during a large scale event. Maximize income mitigate safety.
  63. A football board game, pieces with different stats, ball randomly obliterates all the pieces within three squares permanently.
  64. Disease Balderdash. It gives you a bunch of wacky archaic diseases and players come up with outlandish symptoms.
  65. A trick taking game where players are trying  to get cures for certain diseases and avoid getting the diseases
  66. A Clue style game in a quarantine zone, only if you shift enough blame to a person they’re incinerated
  67. ‏A board game where you play roommates trying to go about their weekend without catching other players’ sicknesses.
  68. A Card Game Based on a Classic Arcade Tournament, using twitch, tactics, and sight to best opponents at classics.
  69. A Footloose co-op game where players try to convince an NPC town to host a dance. Balance anger/rad
  70. A Board Game where you try and beat console game before your friends, leveraging practice, game mags, money, and cheat codes.
  71. A Tron Game done in the style of Shadows over Camelot, but where you can ‘escape’ the quests and fight between the programs.
  72. An area control team game between Nerds and Jocks, using wiles, hi jinks, and brute force respectively to control the school.
  73. A Terminator Board Game, similar chase mechanic to BSG, an array of battlegrounds, balance speed/safety/resources.
  74. Phoned in from a friend. A “They Live” Board Game. Factions, intrigue, special glasses, 10 minute back ally fist fights.
  75. Alien vs predator board game where you play the humans and the aliens (and predators) would be board controlled
  76. A Candyland Parody where it is invaded by hungry children and becomes a territory control game.
  77. A cupcake sabotage game, where players interfere with each other’s cupcake recipe, to mess with a player you leave your own open.
  78. A multi-level co-op game where players take a produced crop and move it from field to process to distribution, etc
  79. A KND style quest for the perfect candy bar. A game not too unlike the Adventurers series, but with wilder/goofy-er game play.
  80. An eating contest board game with a Tetris / Diablo board for each player’s gut. Special cards change courses, shift organs.
  81. A leftovers board game, where housemates scavenge leftovers for ingredients for new dishes. Different recipes for points.
  82. An apples to apples style game, but where players have ingredients for recipes, Ingredients like laxatives, burly men, tigerblood.
  83. Food fight murder. Players try to get the most points by creating a masive food fight. One player attempts murder in the fray.
  84. A card game where you control an Indian Restaurant where you choose how spicy mild/med/hot are, and destroy customers respectively.
  85. I would like to see a Eurogame that incorporates a puzzle or something mechanical in the style of “Don’t Wake Daddy”.
  86. A good resource management board game about feeding an army on the move and controlling supply lines.
  87. A Witches Card Game where you attempt to fatten up children before eating them, steal other children or slim your opponents.
  88. A game where players play big brothers and try and trick the AI little brother to eat horrible things, like a volcanic hot pocket.
  89. An airline food card game where players attempt to balance cheap ingredients and doing the least harm to the passengers.
  90. A fancy waiter game, where some players play for tips, some for mischief, and some for the general success of the restaurant.
  91. A game where players play Superheroes in a restaurant, using their abilities to slake epic appetites. Hey I have MEAT Vision, cool!
  92. A card game where you play scenes from a person’s life towards a specific goal. Some scenes of which are tragic.
  93. A deck building game where you are constructing a character, that must be submitted to a terrible challenge.
  94. A game where you play woodland creatures in a slowly diminishing habitat. All die in the end. Goal: Most happiness before the end.
  95. A board game where players do the most they can for terminal patients before they pass. Trying to grapple with their own mortality.
  96. A board game where you play children who believe in certain myths, and must run through life trying to maintain those illusions.
  97. A board game where players are working through a bucket list. Managing resources and emotional tokens.
  98. A Weighted Companion Cube decision board game equivalent.
  99. A resource management game where players play children trying to build up their self esteem while in a bad home life.
  100. A game where players play people with social disorders, gaining points by either working to get better or by satisfying the disorder.
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