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April 29, 2013

The first comic of many pitting video games against board games.

I got the chills the first time I played Betrayal at House on the Hill. I got paranoid the first time I played Last Night on Earth. I got creeped out in many D&D campaign settings. But nothing really comes close to the fear factor in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Video Games certainly have the edge when it comes to horror, and not just graphically. I got maybe 10 minutes into Descent before I put it down. Nope nope nope NOPE nope nope nope Nope! It not impossible for a tabletop game to bring that level of horror to an audience, I just haven’t experianced it yet. The Horror RPG Dread, looks like a possible ringer for a Board Game answer to amnesia, if I get the chance to play it, I’ll let you know.


From → Ayshea, Comic, Nick

  1. Taz Fritz permalink

    Just found your comic and have been catching up through the archives. I’ve played Dread, and if you get a good DM it can be just as tense as one of those horror video games. Everyone holds their breath and you hope you don’t die. When someone finally knocks over the Jenga tower everyone jumps, even the people not playing.

  2. The Author M permalink

    I still haven’t gotten the chance to play Dread, despite the fact it was developed relatively locally. I love love the concept though.

    Amnesia is wicked bad though, I have t even played it long enough to encounter a thing.

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