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Think They Got It Frikken Backwards

March 21, 2013

So PAX East begins tomorrow, and there’s a little context to go alongside this comic. In discussing topics for us to cover within the purview of board game culture, multiple iterations of board games verses video games came up on a regular basis. Are board games better because of social interation? Well video games can be social too. Board games do X better, Video Games do Z better, but exceptions in both cases. Ultimately, among ourselves we decided that it was an interesting topic, but not one we could cover objectively and give appropriate time to all the things we want to cover. And then we find another panel do exactly what we decided against. ‘The Impact of Video Games on Board Game Design’. I’m excited to attend the panel, it’s certainly a heated issue, but I’ll admit as a board gamer I feel that Board Games have had a much larger impact on video games rather than the other way around. Not to say that there isn’t plenty to talk about for a panel, and I’m sure they’ll take an even handed approach to the topic. However, my gut instinct is to initiate a 5v5 blood sport contest. You know, friendly competition.


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  1. The Author M permalink

    The “Impact of Video Games on Board Games” panel turned out to be quite good. It spoke more about the back and forth of the gaming culture as a feedback loop. Since we all work in mechanics and game play that trends will be emergent in both analogue and digital spheres.

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