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Baby Steps

February 25, 2013

A little web based redesign, thanks to some advice I received from Brad Guiger at, thanks Brad. Still some more work to go, but at this moment I need to rant a little about the Academy Awards. No love for the Avenger’s or Wreck-It Ralph? Ok, so I guess I’m not super furious, but after watching both Wreck-It Ralph and Brave, Wreck-It Ralph tells the better story and executes it better. Brave was a cute movie, but it was all setup and no punch. It creates some great characters, and it’s great to have a female lead, but it doesn’t do anything with them. Meridah is great with a bow, to bad that has no impact on resolving the conflict of the story. Ralph has to embrace who he is as a destroyer, use that at several critical plot points, as well as develop a change in his own perception of himself.

Interestingly it’s like board games. A good movie links the themes of the plot to the mechanics of the characters. A good game links the theme of the game to the mechanics of play. Smuggling Board Game? Bidding. Desert Board Game? Water management and endurance. Likewise if there is something central to your character in a film? Make it central to the plot! Brave was still pretty good, but it had problems, but it does deserve the award, good job Pixar.


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