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Board Game Idea Monday 1/21/13

January 22, 2013
After Reading several hours worth of Ready Player One, I decided to make this weeks Board Game Idea Monday  80’s themed. It was a prolific era, and will certainly be revisited.
  • A Card Game Based on a Classic Arcade Tournament, using twitch, tactics, and sight to best opponents at classics.
  • A Footloose co-op game where players try to convince an NPC town to host a dance. Balance anger/rad
  • A Board Game where you try and beat console game before your friends, leveraging practice, game mags, money, and cheat codes.
  • A Tron Game done in the style of Shadows over Camelot, but where you can ‘escape’ the quests and fight between the programs.
  • An area control team game between Nerds and Jocks, using wiles, hi jinks, and brute force respectively to control the school.
  • A Terminator Board Game, similar chase mechanic to BSG, an array of battlegrounds, balance speed/safety/resources.
  • Phoned in from a friend. A “They Live” Board Game. Factions, intrigue, special glasses, 10 minute back ally fist fights.
  • Alien vs predator board game where you play the humans and the aliens (and predators) would be board controlled


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