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Board Game Idea Monday 1/7/13

January 10, 2013

The Ideas from this week’s Board Game Idea Monday! Food Themed.

  • A Candyland Parody where it is invaded by hungry children and becomes a territory control game.
  • A cupcake sabotage game, where players interfere with each other’s cupcake recipe, to mess with a player you leave your own open.
  • A multi-level co-op game where players take a produced crop and move it from field to process to distribution, etc
  • A KND style quest for the perfect candy bar. A game not too unlike the Adventurers series, but with wilder/goofy-er game play.
  • An eating contest board game with a Tetris / Diablo board for each player’s gut. Special cards change courses, shift organs.
  • A leftovers board game, where housemates scavenge leftovers for ingredients for new dishes. Different recipes for points.
  • An apples to apples style game, but where players have ingredients for recipes, Ingredients like laxatives, burly men, tigerblood.
  • Food fight murder. Players try to get the most points by creating a masive food fight. One player attempts murder in the fray.
  • A card game where you control an Indian Restaurant where you choose how spicy mild/med/hot are, and destroy customers respectively.
  • I would like to see a Eurogame that incorporates a puzzle or something mechanical in the style of “Don’t Wake Daddy”.
  • A good resource management board game about feeding an army on the move and controlling supply lines.
  • A Witches Card Game where you attempt to fatten up children before eating them, steal other children or slim your opponents.
  • A game where players play big brothers and try and trick the AI little brother to eat horrible things, like a volcanic hot pocket.
  • An airline food card game where players attempt to balance cheap ingredients and doing the least harm to the passengers.
  • A fancy waiter game, where some players play for tips, some for mischief, and some for the general success of the restaurant.
  • A game where players play Superheroes in a restaurant, using their abilities to slake epic appetites. Hey I have MEAT Vision, cool!


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