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Board Game Idea Monday: Seasonal 1/1/2013

January 1, 2013

The Triumphant Return of Board Game Idea Monday. Here are the  ideas from yesterday.

  • -A resource management co-op game where players play the North Pole on Christmas, delivering present, I’m thinking reverse pandemic.
  • -A game where you play various sleepy characters trying to stay up for New Years, and sabotaging each other.
  • -A game where you execute an elaborate heist on New Years in New York City coinciding the noise when the ball drops
  • -A property damage card game, where players wreak havock at a fancy New Years Party. Champaigne + Microwave, Bro + Plateglass window
  • -A New Year’s Resolution Card game, where you have a secret resolution and players play and place temptations around the board.
  • -Ice Sculpture Transportation. Players race cross country with ice sculptures, sabotaging each other and balancing speed with heat.
  • -Firework Engineers, players lay colored tiles to build types of fireworks, the tiles are timed, points for good combos on your turn.
  • -Coop game, players are a band at an increasingly drunk and rowdy New Years Party. Risk music points against the crowd breaking stuff

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