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Board Game Idea Monday: Ideas for a Monday

December 4, 2012

-A board game where you play weary Monday office workers going from project to project, coffee to coffee. Called: Monday Grind.

-A plastic board game, with a dish in the center for water. Pieces get knocked into the water at points and leave water trails.

-An office warfare game where coworkers are trying to prank the boss. Asymmetrical play,and hidden goals.

-A revamp of baulderdash, where they give you a theme and you try to write out the best internet meme for it. Reddit: The Board Game.

-A water cooler game, in the style of Bang!, but instead you’re trying to build relationships with tokens towards certain goals.

-A game where it’s the team’s last day at work. Do the most damage and steal the most office supplies before security hauls you off

-A Super Smash Brothers / Marvel vs Capcom style board game with game pieces from every board game. Draft picked and all at once.

-A card game where players play a week of work and try to party the hardest each night without getting fired the next day.

-A game where each player plays a depressed office worker and mitigates depression with a variety of ways. Secret bathroom dance party.

-Boardroom paintball match…with ponchos, of course. [submitted by @Knucklessonic8]

-A resource management game where you control a vast multifaceted internet media empire. Various market modules. Be like Agricola.

-A Horror movie monster workday board game. In the style of Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog. Execute biggest scares for points

-An office fight club board game. First to best the npc champion or be the last player still with a job (or not dead)


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