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Board Game Monday: Can Board Games Make Us Cry?

November 27, 2012

The Tweets from Board Game Idea Monday. Working with possible ideas on the topic, can board games make us cry? If you’d like to see your tweets up here, use the #bgimon hashtag on Monday with some of your own board game ideas.

-A card game where you play scenes from a person’s life towards a specific goal. Some scenes of which are tragic.

-A deck building game where you are constructing a character, that must be submitted to a terrible challenge.

-A game where you play woodland creatures in a slowly diminishing habitat. All die in the end. Goal: Most happiness before the end.

-A board game where players do the most they can for terminal patients before they pass. Trying to grapple with their own mortality.

-A board game where you play children who believe in certain myths, and must run through life trying to maintain those illusions.

-A board game where players are working through a bucket list. Managing resources and emotional tokens.

-A Weighted Companion Cube decision board game equivalent.

-A resource management game where players play children trying to build up their self esteem while in a bad home life.

-A game where players play people with social disorders, gaining points by either working to get better or by satisfying the disorder.


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