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Board Game Idea Monday 11/19

November 20, 2012

Asymmetric board game idea’s, now that the WiiU is out and inspiring asymmetric play.

-A tactics game where one player directs engagements where they fight.

-A sleep away camp game. Different goals and stats. Bully, good kid, cool kid, serial killer, etc.

-A mishmash of classic games. A player uses tiles to spell words for high score, another builds hotels on them, another? conquest.

-An all verses one game, where the one shifts in clockwise order each round. Building foreman theme could work.

-Players control specific colored salmon, and one player controls bears and beavers blocking their path.

-One player controls a swarm of cuddly teddy bears, trying to escape the vicious little girls (other players)

-A kitchen game where one player plays the head chef, and the others play sou(sp?) chefs. Together they tackle orders, with unique goals.

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