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Board Game Idea Monday

November 12, 2012

Every Monday, I tweet board game ideas. If you do too, I’ll promote them here. Use the #bgimon hashtag.

A deck building game where players play parents and the decks represent their children. Set action types like RFTG or Puerto Rico

A stealth assassin game, where players secretly write down their location, but must reveal parts of their location to take actions.

A bar tending game where each person is trying to serve a many different different mixed drinks as possible, without murderizing.

A game played on a magnetic cube that rolls Pieces push each other, any piece that ends up on the bottom is discarded.

A dice game where players collectively try and control a cat’s brain to accomplish a series of goals. That Damn Cat.

A board game where players control basket ball players just moments after lions are released onto the court.

An alien invader game where each player is trying to take earth differently. Blow it up, abduct it’s people, drain it resorces, etc.

Just a radio DJ board game where players spin songs competitively to gain the most fans.

A similar mechanic could work for a twitter card game. Playing different types of tweets to gain favorites, followers, and retweets

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