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75 Board Game Ideas in Tweets.

October 22, 2012

Board Games all start out as ideas, but it is not the idea that makes a quality board game. Quality comes from execution of that idea. Board game idea’s are a dime a dozen, but they have a habit of jump-starting our imagination and get us thinking about mechanics and themes outside the usual mold. I present 75 board game ideas of mine, some good, some bad, and some that I would really like to play.

  1. A waterworks pressure game, where players try to divert water pressure during half time of the Superbowl.
  2. “Ghost train” a board game where players try to ferry lost souls by laying track for the ghost train.
  3. The Shining: the Board Game. Players play the house, slowly influencing Wendy, Jack, and Danny, towards secret end goals.
  4. The obvious Columbus game, a game where you have to organize and finance a transatlantic exploration voyage
  5. Or a Pandemic style game, where instead of diseases the cubes represent imperialism
  6. A board game where players cooperatively navigate a columbus era ship in a BSG style, but with more emphasis on location
  7. A card game, where natives try to deal with incoming explorers / conquistadors. Play cards either into conflict or diplomacy
  8. A party game where you wear a tri cornered hat and misname things.
  9. A board game where roommates wake up and the apartment is so cold that they have to fight for blankets and warmth
  10. A romantic comedy game where players influence the emotions of various playing pieces that change how they interact with each other
  11. A game where you control the conversation of two people stuck in a meat locker freezer, trying to build for different results.
  12. A game where players secretly place playing pieces in a bag and they randomly come back onto the board
  13. A game of shifting dreams where the theme changes at key points, puppies change into zombies, and the game shifts with it.
  14. A Knights of Camelot Style game, but where each challenge is a variation of advancing siege engines, and greater focus on riskstyle conquest
  15. A game where you play gunslingers in a saloon, with specific goals. Like play poker, get drunk, and start a fistfight.
  16. That same concept works for an office setting, only with some changes. Computer Solitaire instead of Poker. Drinking and fighting can stay.
  17. A game where you controlled armies that are doing battle on top of an abstract strategy game, and can spend action to move pieces.
  18. If Robo Rally were a deck building game, and the actions were randomly selected, but allowed a little more flexibility
  19. A board game with a mobile screen that covers certain portions of the board from certain players, players can only move what they can see.
  20. Abstract Strategy game played on a calculator. Each player has a hand of number cards. Number pops up, play card for a point.
  21. A game where the rules are so much at odds and complicated that deciphering it is the game.
  22. A hidden tile game, where some players are trying to find a specific hidden tile and one player tries to keep them away.
  23. Spilled Milk. You play messy eaters and place tokens to represent your mess and redirect rivers of flowing food and drink.
  24. LOLCat Game. Pictures and captions with mechanics similar to baulderdash.
  25. A political party game in the style of apples to apples where a voter in placed and players play hilarious appeals to that voter.
  26. A traitor game where, eyes closed, each player taps under the table to tally votes to overcome obstacles, but not go over.
  27. Each person has a novel and cards with a page/word number and the effects of the cards change based on the length and type of word.
  28. A game where tiles can connect with twine or string and moves are limited, but special cards add tiles with different lengths of string.
  29. A game where you design a board game as you play it. I.E. rules and components on cards that you play and have “playtest” point cost on them
  30. A game where you have to operate under opposing business models. Online v Retail. Ad based v revenue based. ETC
  31. A game with a model trebuchet where you place or take away weight, and build targets along a set path.
  32. A rumor mill game, where players combine player tokens and bad habits and try and circulate rumors to the most success.
  33. A game where players constantly pass cards/resources to each other under the table secretly.
  34. A D&D-like similar to Descent, but where 3 players play Dungeon Masters trying to slay one super powered character.
  35. Keeping with asymmetric play. A card game where one player draws all the cards and distributes them to players, secret bidding on who wins.
  36. A board game that could be eaisily and quickly expanded to adapt to social issues and current events.
  37. A stacking game with flat cardboard pieces that has elements of jenga, but just placing. Some pieces would have ledges for “scoring-pawns”
  38. A game that comes with a series of light bulbs in the board and players use the shadows that the pieces cast in a battle like game
  39. A game with pieces like grains of rice that obscure a board, and each player has lenses that move through the “rice” revealing resources.
  40. A game where when a player ends their turn they write down the exact time, and the time it takes to get back to their turn has secret effects
  41. A game played on a cork board with asynchronous play, and territory control with some pieces that have cork “islands” on them.
  42. A team game with a vertical component like connect 4, but resource management like Settlers and combat interactions between sides.
  43. Hmm, necessary elements for the best car board game . . . portable, separate rules for driver, 45 min playtime, uses outside elements, coop?
  44. A Danger Room boardgame with secret win conditions and cool pieces for traps and such.
  45. A board game where you play as a dysfunctional family with a variety of secret mental disorders, scenario driven with various goals.
  46. A board game where players play vampires in a very window-y warehouse as the sun comes up. Add in a AI vampire hunter.
  47. A game played on a computer keyboard, coupled with a program that would assign abilities to specific buttons.
  48. A game where players create the board out of junk lying around the house. Like coins, candy wrappers, paper clips etc
  49. A disease spreading / eradication game that takes place in a highschool. Players have secret win conditions. Spread, cure, contain, survive.
  50. An evil villain board game where the player with the most ornate and complete world domination scheme wins.
  51. Taking cues from the Leonardo DaVinci board game, a future invention game would be interesting. Then you could use them
  52. A literary board game where each person controls a H.P lovecraft style writer whois trying to write a story without going crazy.
  53. A murder mystery board game where you have to find out who didn’t kill the person, irony!
  54. A bar crawl board game, where the more drunk you become the more your actions are randomly chosen. The goal? Survive.
  55. A deadpan game where it comes with a speaker with 3 hours of fart noises on it and the player who sits through it without making a face wins
  56. A magician board game from the era of The Prestige
  57. A board game where suspense is the currency, and you goal is to create the biggest outburst like japan table flip game
  58. Film or Play production game, they’d play roughly the same. Gather crew and actors, get loans and patrons. Best opening day wins.
  59. Plant growing game, where you fight for sunlight and try to overshadow your opponents.
  60. Would love to see an Avengers board game, beyond an RPG
  61. A D&D themed game for what adventurers do in a setting without adventures. Like get a real job and juggle relationships.
  62. A zombie variant for ticket to ride
  63. An anger management board game where players are given things to avoid on a board, but different for each person. Players push each other.
  64. A competitive chef board game where players try to make recipes out of ingrediants and can throw ingredients at other people or their recipes.
  65. A Golf board game. Why has this not happened yet?
  66. A D&D campaign where the players are forced into a game of Bang!
  67. A board game where you must use your own fingers as the pieces, and each finger has a move speed. “Stop Poking Me”
  68. A deck building game where you collect cats. Insanity is the currency and various cats increase insanity. But too much insanity is bad.
  69. A Puerto Rico style game, but where each player controls a version of galactus, and chooses worlds to eat, which contain various heroes.
  70. Board game about War of the Currents. Edison vs Tesla.
  71. A surveyor game, where players use little tools to survey distances, and manipulate the board in specific perspective ways
  72. A game where you play elves in a machine that produces boxes. Manipulate machine to change boxes. Secret type of boxes for winning.
  73. Cabin in the Woods board game, two teams, survivors in LNOE style, and directors in BSG style. Two phases horror and purge.
  74. A game where players play squirrels that have made home in a giant robot, Phase 1 hide nutes, Phase 2 find nuts. Giant robo creates obstacle
  75. A board game about people playing a board game.
  1. 43 would be great for me.
    62: Halloween version close enough?

    • Sadly I don’t think the Halloween pieces come with any additional rules. Though I think there are a few variants out there.

  2. oh, why the Monopoly board game is not included on this list? the funny thing about this board game is it has a drinking board game version called Drinkopoly.

  3. yohask permalink

    Would it be OK if I used some of your ideas?

  4. Go right ahead! They’re free to use and under the creative commons license, I’d love to see your progress on any idea if you move forward on one. Also these ideas have moved over to if you’re interested!

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