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Uncovered Treasure of B&N Gift Cards ~The Author M~

August 1, 2010

I’ve been clearing out a lot of my old stuff and recently uncovered a stack of old gift cards, and honestly couldn’t remember where they came from. There was a handful of Barnes and Noble cards though, so I figured I’d try and find out how much credit was still on them. Apparently the Barnes and Noble websie has a function that can let you check to see how much is left on the cards. I had 8 cards, and figured they’d probably been used up, but I might as well check.


Talk about luck. So obviously the money is going toward my growing board game collection, which provides a quandry. Do I go for the big extensive game I’ve wanted for a long time but never played. Or do I go for the slightly smaller game that I’ve played a lot, know is fun, and more likely to play more often.

Battlestar Galatica verses Arkham Horror.

The likelyhood that I’ll buy both before the end of the year is very high, but for the sake of high drama, I’ll continue this little thought experimenr.

Battlestar is a great game, between 1 and 2 hours to play a game. It’s deep without being overly comlex, fun without losing a sense of seriousness. I wouldn’t call it the most accessable game in the world, but it’ll be easier to break it out during a board game night.

Arkham Horror, on the other hand, is legend for a variety of reasons. It’s a deep coopertive game that can be beastly to play, and incredibly immersive. It also takes a minimum of 3 hours to play, but I’ve heard that it’s better to devote 5 hours to it. It’s complicated, rule heavy, not entirely intuitive and simply massive in scale. From my understanding it’s halfway to D&D. which sounds incredible, but you really have to have an “Arkham Horror Night” as opposed busting it out at a normal board game night.

There are a handful of other games I would probably want to get before purchasing BSG, but Barnes and Noble doesn’t carry them. Entirely possible that Arkham Horror will sit on the shelf collecting dust, but then again I already have a variety of games that fulfil the role of Battlestar Galatica. I think my loyalties lie more with the legend, but I’m open to your opinions. . .myterious readership people. Drop a comment or send an e-mail, let me hear your opinion.

~The Author M~

One Comment
  1. Robert permalink

    Haha, congratulations on your unexpected bounty. It’s a tough call, but I’d say hold off on Arkham Horror unless you know you have a group of people willing to devote an afternoon/evening to it. BSG also has a very positive track record among our little group, so I’m kinda partial to it. 🙂

    Then again, with $76, don’t you basically have enough to purchase both of them?

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